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This is a dynamic, traditional mixed martial arts club that teaches bare knuckle karate, basic grappling (jiu jitsu) and Krav Maga self defense with emphasis on fitness and intensity.  We focus on self defense skills whether they are standing up or on the ground.  Imagine someone places a gun under your chin and grabs your hair, would you know what to do?  Competitive  MMA, (mixed martial arts), is a fantastic sport but does not necessarily teach you the skills you need when you get jumped by the common criminal.  As a police officer, Renshi Wickham sees crime victims and what happens when they are attacked in everyday life.  Renshi Wickham believes that you should know how to defend yourself above all else, it's your money and your life, don't let someone take either one!

Krav Maga, or 'contact combat', is a defensive tactics system.  It was developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld to be simple and instinctually based for all people to be able to defend themselves.  Defenses against stick, knife and gun attacks are the trademark of Krav Maga training.



Combatives, is a system of fighting based on military/police techniques.  The techniques cover strikes, kicks and chokes as they apply to self defense.  Gross motor skills, (heavy, simple strikes) are a staple of Combatives training. 

"Martial arts are what you do WITH someone, Combatives are what you do TO someone."  Kelly McCann

Jiu jitsu, or the 'gentle art' , is a system of self defense that focuses on chokes, locks and ground defense.  There are two styles, Japanese and Brazilian.  Renshi has trained in Gracie jiujitsu and Japanese Renzoku jiujitsu. 


 Ashihara karate was developed by Hideyuki Ashihara in 1980 in his desire to teach a more rational, 'real fight' type of karate.  Imagine a fight where two subjects charge forward and crash into each other, the bigger person will usually win by sheer physics.  Ashihara karate teaches how to push, pull and turn to avoid the size, strength or speed of the opponent.  It has been called the most practical karate in Japan.


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