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These are a few of my favorite authors or resources I have trained in/used over the years.  I am never ashamed to say I borrow from lots of different systems.  When karate didn't have the answers for basic ground defense, I studied jiujitsu. Self defense needs were met by Krav Maga and WW II combatives.  Always strive for REAL answers, don't be swept away by fads or the newest instructor.  I have always trusted in police officers, soldiers and bouncers before anyone else! 


Instructors- (In person or video)

Jon Pascal- Head Force Training Instructor for Krav Maga Worldwide.  Phenomenal defensive tactics instructor.  Known worldwide.

Jim Grover (Kelly McCann)-  Top shelf combatives, never a bad video, one of my favorites especially for the collapsible baton. 

Hock Hochheim- Fantastic 'all around' combatives, some of the best knife and stick material.

Gracie jiujitsu- THE pioneers and still committed to street self defense, not just ring fighting.

Jon Bluming- Karate pioneer for 'all around' karate systems. Never met him, (he's Dutch), but have read his works and the guy's a legend, 10th dan in kyokushinkai karate, (studied under Mas Oyama). Also high level judo, a soldier and ex-bouncer.  Broke the 'karate only' mold in the 50's and 60's.

Ross Enamit- Unbelievable internet fitness instructor. Never met him but when I want to torture my guys and girls I use Ross' programs.


Books- Some that I find indispensible for training.

Combatives for Street Survival- Outstanding combatives book from Kelly McCann.

Black Belt magazine- Nice balance for all arts.

Kill or be killed by Rex Applegate- THE classic book that really started WWII combatives. Simple and direct.

Cold Steel by John Steyers- A classic that any combatives student should own.

Chain Reaction and Strategies Books by Ernest Emerson- GREAT books on fitness and concepts for fighting and preparedness.  Be warned, very blunt and gritty.

Red and Gray Manuals by Charles Nelson- Practical, no nonsense self defense.  Older but still real world.

Strictly Street Stuff by Bill Bryant- A little known book by a former sailor who has some good moves and even better fight philosophy, check it out. 

Fighting karate and More Fighting karate by Hideyuki Ashihara- Classics, are expensive but worth every dollar.  Best fighting karate books, EVER.



5.11- Good training pants for Krav Maga especially their new stretch tactical pant.

Glock/Sig Sauer handguns- Best combat handguns in the world.

SureFire/Streamlight-Self defense flashlights that are second to none, pricey but what's your life worth?

Cold Steel/CRKT knives- Sharp and very cost worthy.  The Crawford Kasper folder is a phenomenal EDC knife from CKRT.

Swiss Army knives/Leatherman-The best overall EDC knife you will actually use.

Combat Sports International- Great MMA equipment.  

Revgear- The best shields and shin pads I have ever ordered.  Used for all our combatives and they always hold up.  THE source for Krav Maga gear. 

"All of the different systems I've trained in have led to what I do now.  No one person gets where they are by themselves.  I am especially thankful to my karate instructor S. Maczuga, Hock Hochheim for my main combatives training, and  Jon and Mark from Krav Maga Force Training Division."


                                  ~Renshi Wickham


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