"All of the different systems I've trained in have led to what I do now.  No one person gets where they are by themselves.  I am especially thankful to my karate instructor S. Maczuga, Hock Hochheim for my main combatives training, and Mark from Krav Maga Force Training Division."


                                  ~Renshi Wickham


These are a few of my favorite authors or resources I have trained in/used over the years.  I am never ashamed to say I borrow from lots of different systems.  When karate didn't have the answers for basic ground defense, I studied jiujitsu. Self defense needs were met by Krav Maga and WW II combatives.  Always strive for REAL answers, don't be swept away by fads or the newest instructor.  I have always trusted in police officers, soldiers and bouncers before anyone else! 


Instructors- (In person or video)

Jon Pascal- Head Force Training Instructor for Krav Maga Worldwide.  Phenomenal defensive tactics instructor.  Known worldwide.

Jim Grover (Kelly McCann)-  Top shelf combatives, never a bad video, one of my favorites especially for the collapsible baton. 

Hock Hochheim- Fantastic 'all around' combatives, some of the best knife and stick material.

Gracie jiujitsu- THE pioneers and still committed to street self defense, not just ring fighting.

Jon Bluming- Karate pioneer for 'all around' karate systems. Never met him, (he's Dutch), but have read his works and the guy's a legend, 10th dan in kyokushinkai karate, (studied under Mas Oyama). Also high level judo, a soldier and ex-bouncer.  Broke the 'karate only' mold in the 50's and 60's.

Marco Lala- Another 'all around' kyokushinkai karate/judo instructor who has top rated videos in the magazines. Somewhat older series, (1990's), but I own almost the whole set, very professional and he puts ALOT of technique in his videos.

Ross Enamit- Unbelievable internet fitness instructor. Never met him but when I want to torture my guys and girls I use Ross' programs.


Books- Some that I find indispensible for training.

Combatives for Street Survival- Outstanding combatives book from Kelly McCann.

Black Belt magazine- Nice balance for all arts.

Kill or be killed by Rex Applegate- THE classic book that really started WWII combatives. Simple and direct.

Cold Steel by John Steyers- A classic that any combatives student should own.

Chain Reaction and Strategies Books by Ernest Emerson- GREAT books on fitness and concepts for fighting and preparedness.  Be warned, very blunt and gritty.

Red and Gray Manuals by Charles Nelson- Practical, no nonsense self defense.  Older but still real world.

Strictly Street Stuff by Bill Bryant- A little known book by a former sailor who has some good moves and even better fight philosophy, check it out. 

Fighting karate and More Fighting karate by Hideyuki Ashihara- Classics, are expensive but worth every dollar.  Best fighting karate books, EVER.



5.11- Good training pants for Krav Maga especially their new stretch tactical pant.

Glock/Sig Sauer handguns- Best combat handguns in the world.

SureFire/Streamlight-Self defense flashlights that are second to none, pricey but what's your life worth?

Cold Steel/CRKT knives- Sharp and very cost worthy.  The Crawford Kasper folder is a phenomenal EDC knife from CKRT.

Bold Look- GREAT karate uniforms that hold up to full contact karate and grappling. 

Combat Sports International- Great MMA equipment.  We use their gloves. 

Revgear- The best shields and shin pads I have ever ordered.  Used for all our combatives and they always hold up.  THE source for Krav Maga gear. 

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