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Meet our Instructors

The head instructor of the club is Renshi Robb Wickham. Renshi Wickham is currently an Expert Two (Brown Belt), instructor in Krav Maga through Krav Maga Worldwide headquartered in Los Angeles.  Renshi is also a Level 1-5 Krav Maga Law Enforcement instructor. He holds a sixth degree black belt in Ashihara karate while training under Kyoshi Scott Maczuga, now the President of Vortex Martial Arts headquartered in Austin, Texas. Renshi is also ranked in Renzoku Jiu Jitsu, Koei Kan karate, Shotokan karate and is a Basic Level Close Quarter Combat Instructor under Hock W. Hochheim and the Scientific Fighting Congress. Renshi Wickham has also studied Judo under Sensei Neil Simon at Shojin judo.

Scott Bradley is a level 3 student and Level 2 Instructor.  Scott is also a certified person trainer and experienced group fitness instructor.  He co-teaches at Reality Defense and strongly believes in being fit and resilient for any situation.  

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